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Royal Avenue Media can manage all aspects a marketing campaign from Publicity to Social Media for any industry. We specialize in building and maintaining your company’s Social Media presence as well as promoting your latest projects.

Royal Avenue Media can build and maintain your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Company Blog, etc. and interconnect all of them in an effort to raise the visibility of your company. Social Media Management is a necessary edge for companies that want to build an online presence, drive traffic to their website, grow an email list, promote other marketing efforts to a much wider audience, attract new clients, and/or become or remain a success in this ever-changing economic environment.

Our Services Include:

Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc)

*Promote your business on all social media outlets with a clear, focused message

*Developing and managing advertising strategies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.


*Creating and publishing Press Releases and overseeing a PR Campaign (including setting up interview opportunities, etc)

WordPress Website Creation

*With a deep understanding of the WordPress platform, we can develop a robust website for your business or endeavor at a significantly reduced cost.

Content Creation (Company Blog, Email Marketing)

*By generating your own content, you are able to create a message that can be spread on your social media pages to reach a larger audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

*Designed to increase website visibility and generate qualified site visitors