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Why Royal Avenue Media?

Royal Avenue Media is a Multi-Media Marketing Company with expertise in Social Media Marketing and Publicity. We will help you develop an on-line presence and drive business your way. We assist and enhance businesses by targeting need areas and implementing the necessary social media or publicity campaign to reach specific audiences. The objective is to brand and market your company so that it is constantly top of mind, and to achieve that, Royal Avenue Media will work with your team to develop interesting and informative content which highlights new initiatives, targets specific clientele within your industry, and drives traffic to your business.

Royal Avenue Media currently handles publicity for various music acts working in conjunction with record labels.  In addition, Royal Avenue Media also operates some for the web’s premier music destinations, including the mainstream and popular music site, and the more niche oriented for the latest in Progressive Rock., and manages publicity for various record labels and artists.

Importance of Social Media

In today’s environment, it is important for every company to maintain a significant Social Media presence as part of their overall marketing strategy. Social Media is the new normal for marketing initiatives, and it’s especially imperative for small and mid-size businesses to develop and execute a comprehensive social media marketing initiative. Not doing so could be detrimental to the business in that a company will lose out on market share if it does not have a clear and strategic social marketing campaign.


avin_roie_1Roie Avin is the Founder and President of Royal Avenue Media. Roie brings years of marketing experience through his time in the Entertainment industry, which includes work with Time Warner Music working on projects for various top Billboard artists to promote new releases, concerts and other events. Later, Roie launched a successful on-line music company called, where he was able to attract global sponsors and managed the Social Media promotional efforts for these sponsorships. Now with Royal Avenue Media, he has parlayed these skills by helping businesses in various industries in addition to the music industry, such as designer furniture, global shipping among others by introducing them to the Social Media revolution and steering more business their way. Roie has a Business Marketing degree from the University of Florida and MBA from Florida International University.